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    Richard van Dantzig, Technology Professional

    10 jaar NetApp Insight in EMEA: The Evolution of NetApp Insight

    Onze collega van The Storage Professionals en NetApp United member Richard van Dantzig schreef voor NetApp de volgende blog over 10 jaar NetApp InSight in EMEA.

    It’s hard to believe, but this year’s conference in Barcelona marks the tenth anniversary of NetApp Insight in EMEA. Having been there for the very first NetApp Insight EMEA event in Prague in 2008, I can tell you that Insight has transformed dramatically since then.

    A few years before the first Insight event took place, there was a U.S. conference for employees and partners called Fall Classic. This was a purely technical conference where people from around the world gathered to discuss storage systems, or “filers” as they were known at the time. As a storage engineer working at a Dutch IT company, Fall Classic was at the top of my list, and in 2008, I was finally able to go! Then, NetApp announced that Fall Classic was going to be rebranded as NetApp Insight, hosted in both the United States and Europe. While I was upset that my first U.S. trip would have to wait, Insight in Prague didn’t disappoint.

    NetApp Insight EMEA 2008 was hosted at the Hilton hotel in Prague. Although the event had about 1,000 attendees, there were only around 40 Dutch employees and partners at the conference. The few sessions available were mostly deeply technical, and the event felt more like training for the ONTAP operating system than anything else. Between sessions, there was plenty of time for networking and meet ups with product managers for follow-on discussions. This event enabled me to gain much deeper insights into ONTAP and the products around it while helping me extend my network and meet fellow NetApp enthusiasts. The community spirit and willingness to help shown by all NetApp speakers at Insight 2008 is something that I still recognise at NetApp Insight events to this day.

    After a cold Insight in Prague, the conference was moved to the Intercontinental Hotel in Athens in 2009. The number of attendees expanded, as well as the number of sessions. Although, with the political climate in Greece at the time, the mood was often very tense. While this conference was even better than the one in 2008, Insight was moved back to Prague for 2010.

    Meer lezen? Lees de gehele blog op https://blog.netapp.com/the-evolution-of-netapp-insight-in-emea/

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